Warmly Welcomes You

Christ is our Life,
the church is our Living

The church in Birmingham is not our name—it’s our description
As such, it’s an inclusive title, not an exclusive one. We gather together simply as believers of the Lord in this city, and we receive as our brothers and sisters all who believe in Jesus Christ. Likewise, we warmly welcome guests and visitors who are not Christians.

Our Gatherings

Small Groups

Our home meetings are at the heart of our church life and community. These small group gatherings are characterized by a vital spiritual pursuit, an intimate loving atmosphere, and a committed goal of spiritual fruit-bearing. We warmly welcome you to join a group.

Lord’s Table

As believers in Christ who love and serve Him, we enjoy the Lord’s supper each Sunday. Following our worship of the Father, we share with one another what we have enjoyed from God’s Word in an open session of mutual teaching and encouragement.

Prayer Meeting

As the church, we come together to pray every Tuesday. For more information on this meeting, including locations and times please contact us.

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