Special Book Offer, to help us continue to pray

To help us with our aspiration to build up and maintain an individual and corporate prayer life, the Amana Trust bookshop has packaged up the following titles on prayer, for our purchase and enjoyment. All prices shown below include postage and delivery to your door. Our persevering in prayer is not dependent on our strength or on our willpower, but simply asking Him and letting Him work this out in us, according to His desire and need.

The Prayer Ministry of the Church (£9.50)
“The ministry of the church is to bring the will in heaven to earth. How does the church bring the will in heaven to earth? It is by prayer on earth. Prayer is not as small and insignificant as some may think. It is not something that is dispensable.”
The Meaning and Purpose of Prayer (£7.10)
“If God would open our eyes to see His view of prayer, we would realize that we do not understand prayer. Some believers have prayed for more than ten years before discovering, by revelation, that they did not know the meaning of prayer, nor did they know how to pray. Their thought concerning prayer differed from what is revealed in God’s Word.”
** Special Package 1: Buy both books for £14

The Prayer of the Age (booklet)
“We need to see the vision of the ascended Christ and learn to pray the prayer of authority. For two thousand years these matters have been neglected, but we believe that in these last days the Lord is going to recover them.”
The Key to Prayer (booklet)
“If God does not answer our prayers, we must exercise patience and diligently seek the key to prayer. God answered the prayers of many of the saints in the past because they had the key to prayer.”
Burden and Prayer (booklet)
“Many Christians cannot be used by God in the prayer ministry because they are over-burdened. They have never released any of their burdens… The release of the burden will set us free, and God will be free to give us additional burdens. Without this, we will not be able to fulfill a ministry of prayer before the Lord.”
A Prayer for Revelation (booklet)
“This is why we repeatedly emphasize the need for revelation. Without revelation, nothing will prevail. We repeatedly emphasize the fact that it is useless to simply hear something; there must be the seeing. It is a matter of revelation, not a matter of doctrine.”
** Special Package 2: Buy all 4 booklets for £6

** Special Package 3: Buy both books and all 4 booklets for £18

Please note: These special prices are only available by calling the Amana Trust bookshop on 01708 380 301, and only while current stocks last.

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