29 Aug 2020


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European Young People’s Conference 2020

Conference Information
Conference subject: Men Who Turn The Age

  • Part 1 – Saturday 16 May
  • Part 2 – Saturday 20 June
  • Part 3 – Friday 31 July – Monday 3 Aug
  • Part 4 – Saturday 29 August

There will be two conference sections:
Juniors: 13-15
Seniors: 16-19
19 year olds may attend as YP or serve as helpers in the Junior conference

Registration is required and subject to approval by country/regional coordinators:

By group:
Registrants create/join their own group
8-12 members
Same gender
Same language
Same conference (Juniors/Seniors)
At least one serving one
No more than three serving ones and helpers
The registration team will help those who cannot find a group

Parental consent
YP conference code of conduct

Serving Ones (23+) and Helpers (19-22)
Recommendation from a church elder
Serving Ones and Helpers conference code of conduct

The conference will be held online at
Each attendee will be assigned a user account
The conference will use Zoom for meetings, but only via the conference dashboard and with the conference user account

User accounts will give access to user areas:
Meeting Links
Conference Materials
Help Desk

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