06 - 07 Jul 2019


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Semi-annual Video Training 2019 – Leeds

6th-7th July 2019
Leeds Mencap, LS9 9LU

13th-14th July 2019
Dunkirk Community Center, NG7 2JW

20th-21st July 2019
Church in Birmingham Meeting Hall, B33 8BN

£40 training donation + £10 meal donation per weekend

The registration deadline is Lord’s Day 2nd June 2019
after which a late registration fee of £10 will apply.
The late registration period will extend until 16th June 2019.
No further registrations will be accepted after this date.


• • • SCHEDULE • • •

Saturday (all three weekends)
11:00 – Message 1
13:00 – Lunch
14:00 – Study session (message 1)
15:00 – Break
15:30 – Message 2
17:30 – Break
17:45 – Study session (message 2)
19:00 – Dinner & fellowship in homes

Lord’s Day (first and second weekends)
10:00 – Lord’s Table / Break / Meeting 3 (open meeting)
13:00 – Lunch
14:00 – Study session (message 3)
15:00 – Break
15:30 – Meeting 4
17:30 – Pack dinner / depart

Lord’s Day (third weekend)
10:00 – Lord’s Table / Break / Meeting 11 (open meeting)
13:00 – Lunch
14:00 – Message 12
13:00 – Break
16:00 – Cleanup / Pack dinner / depart


There will be a limited number of hospitality spaces available, offered on a first come first served basis. Please do not make any private arrangements with the local saints. Alternatively, you can book a room at a nearby hotel.

There will be no meals provided on Friday. Lunch and dinner will be provided at the venue during the weekend. Breakfast will be provided if you are given hospitality.

Nearby hotels in Leeds:
• Premier Inn (Leeds City Centre – Leeds Arena)
• Ibis Budget (Leeds Centre)
• Travelodge (Leeds Central Vicar Lane)
• Holiday Inn Express (Leeds City Centre – Armouries)
All these hotels are a 10-minute drive or less by car or 20-30 minutes by public transport.

Nearby hotels in Nottingham:
• Travelodge (Nottingham Riverside)
• Travelodge (Nottingham Wollaton Park)
• Travelodge (Notitngham Central)
• Premier Inn (Nottingham Castle Marina)
• Premier Inn (Nottingham City Centre Chapel Bar)
• Premier Inn (Nottingham City Centre Goldsmith Street)
• Britannia Nottingham Hotel

Nearby hotels in Birmingham:
• Holiday Inn Express, Yardley: 1270 Coventry Road, Yardley, Birmingham B25 8BJ
• Travelodge Birmingham: 1741 Coventry Road, Birmingham B26 1DS

• • • LANGUAGES • • •

This training will be conducted in English. The messages will also be available in Chinese.

• • • VENUE • • •

6th-7th July:
Leeds Mencap
20 Vinery Terrace
Leeds, LS9 9LU

13th-14th January:
Dunkirk Community Center
Montpelier Road
Nottingham, NG7 2JW

20th-21st January:
Church in Birmingham Meeting Hall
Lyttleton Road (Rear of Gillies Court, shared driveway)
Birmingham, B33 8BN

All trainees are expected to participate in the housekeeping of the meeting hall, study rooms and accommodation blocks during the training.


There will be no pick ups from the coach or train station. Trainees will need to make their own travel arrangements to the meeting hall. 

To Leeds Venue:
Bus: The venue is located right off of A64 (York Rd). The closest train station is Leeds Train Station. 3 minutes from the train station there is a bus stop on Boar Lane (P6). There are 6 different buses that run from there along York Rd and go past the venue, including 5, 19, 19A, 40, 163, and 166. When you are taking the bus, you can tell the driver that you are going up to York Rd right past the Irish Centre and then he/she should give you the appropriate fare (under £3 one way). Hit the “STOP” button when you see the Irish Centre on your right so that you get off at the right stop. 
Uber/Taxi: Alternatively, you can get an Uber or a taxi. To Uber from the station to the venue will cost you £4-£7. A taxi may cost anywhere from £5-£10.
Walking: While we would not necessarily recommend walking, if you would like to it is a 35-minute walk from the train station to the venue.
Parking: There is a car park in the back of the venue, where all the saints are welcome to park.

To Church in Birmingham Meeting Hall:
The closest train station is Stechford Train Station, 0.1 miles away, a 5-minute walk.
Buses 11A, 11C, 53 are all pass Stechford Train Station.
Alternatively, trainees can get a taxi.

• • • CHILDCARE • • •

No arrangements will be made by the training for the care of children and young people. If you would like to bring your children, please make private arrangements with the saints.


There is a non-refundable training donation of £40 and an additional £10 donation for meals each weekend. All payments are to be made in cash. Please bring this with you on the first day of the training.

Outlines for the training will be available for purchase at £5 each.


I. Registrants must be at least 17, unless the elders approve an exception.

II. The donation:
1. The donation is the same whether full or part time.
2. Those sharing a seat count as one person and give one donation.
3. Those who attended the live training may attend that same local video training without an additional donation.

III. Trainees may register full or part time. They must attend all sessions for which they are registered. Those attending part time should sign up in advance for the sessions they will attend, whether mornings, evenings, or weekends/holidays; they may attend other sessions also when they are free.

IV. Shared seats must be occupied full time. Only sisters or couples trading baby sitting may share seats.

V. Only those registered or who attended the live training may attend:
1. No admission to any session without a name tag.
2. Be in assigned seat 5 minutes before starting time.
3. No unexcused absences; no more than 3 excused absences.
4. Testing and sharing on each message. No more than 3 failures in testing.
5. Permission is needed for leaving any session early.
6. New ones may attend only the open meetings that have been specifically designated by those responsible for overseeing the video training. Only those who are registered for the video training should be allowed to attend messages that are not scheduled as open meetings.

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