18 - 22 Aug 2019


All Day



University Training

Subject: Cooperating and Coordinating with the Energizing God in His Up-to-date and Ultimate Move to Carry out His Economy
What: A one-week training held each August in which students blend with each other and FTTL trainees to have the opportunity to be constituted with the truth, advance in their experience of Christ as life, be trained in service and perfected in the gospel in order to be useful to the Lord in whatever locality/university they are. Students have their own classes and group sessions as well as attending some classes of the FTTL pre-training. 
Who: Registration is open to university students and to those going into Year 13, but must be at least 18 years old. 
Burden: That our students would know what the Lord’s Recovery is and be the overcomers in Philadelphia and fight the battle to recover the earth for the kingdom of God in Europe
Cost: £100 
Registration: (deadline: 11 August)
“We all need to know what the recovery is, where the recovery is, and what kind of persons can take the recovery on. We all need to see that in the Lord’s recovery today we are on a battlefield. We should be today’s Joshua and Caleb, fighting against Satan’s aerial forces so that we can gain more of Christ for the building up of the Body of Christ, setting up and spreading the kingdom of God so that Christ can come back to inherit the earth” (Life-study of Joshua, p. 61).

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